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When it comes to Network marketing, Network marketing Lifestyles Magazine is the industry insider. This is the magazine that is devoted to network marketing, individual success stories, marketing on the internet The Gorila, motivational articles, legal issues in the business, and of course, industry news. Recently Network marketing Lifestyles Magazine did an article about Rita Davenport.

Rita Davenport was born in Nashville Tennessee and now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is an expert in time management and has been featured on over one hundred television and radio shows including Good morning America Net Jeb. She has appeared along side Erma Bombeck, Zig Zigler, Phil Donahue and Art Buchwald and has been the author of several best selling books. She won the 2001 Spirit of Philanthropy Award and is often asked to consult at Fortune 500 companies.

Currently Rita Davenport is the president of Arbonne International and is considered by Network marketing Lifestyles Magazine to be one of the “First Ladies of Network Marketing” She shares the title with Carol Fitzgerald of OneFamily Bitly USA. com, Terri Frey of FlashNet Communications, Marta C Kollman of Cell Tech Adi Song of Longevity Network and Diane Wakat PhD of Intelligent Nutrition Systems, Inc.

As the leading woman of the piece in Network marketing Lifestyles Magazine, Rita Davenport is quoted as saying “I lead with my heart-which is not the best way to run a company. But I always sleep well. ”

The piece in Network marketing Lifestyle Magazine highlighted women who are in top positions of network marketing companies. Network marketing is certainly a trade that does not discriminate against women vents Today. Two of the most recognized network marketing businesses are female-centric: Avon and Mary Kay and there is argument to be made that the familiar standby, Tupperware, was created to make the lives of housewives everywhere just a little bit easier.

Arbonne International, the company run by Rita Davenport is another beauty and skin care product-centric company. Arbonne sells skin care products, anti-aging products, baby products, aromatherapy products, and even weight loss and nutrition products.

The company is run like most network marketing companies are run-representatives sell the product, recruit other people to sell the product and earn a commission. The fact that the company is almost twenty years old speaks to how well it has been run and what it offers to people looking to start their own network marketing business.

Network marketing Lifestyle Magazine is a must read for anybody who is thinking about starting a network marketing business of their own. It lets people know which companies have the best offers for those who are just starting out. It also has information on promising start ups and people who have had quite a bit of success at network marketing-an industry that has been much maligned in the past. Magazines, both online and in print, are resources that most professionals use to keep on top of the current trends in their particular fields. Marketing is no exception. There are many network marketing forums available to help the up and coming marketer learn tricks of the trade, get professional advice, and have a support system they can use to make things work.

Upline365, an online magazine, is one of the many network marketing forums available to help the marketer build and promote a successful business. They offer the ready a variety of articles and tips that have been written by industry professionals. They also have an audio visual section that is being added January/February 2008, giving marketers radio like pod casts and video that covers marketing content.

The site also has a market with marketing aids available for purchase, forums for discussion, and a place for their subscribers to place their own introductory profile that others can view for promotional needs. Consumers interested in this magazine can get a five day trial subscription which can be upgraded to a three month subscription for $15. 00 or a personal year’s subscription costing $45. 00.

For those marketers who still like to read print, Home business Magazine could be the network marketing forum of choice. Published by Rhyno, it offers tips and advice on business operations, sales, home office, opportunities, network marketing, franchising, mail ordering and the Internet. A one year subscription is six issues and can be purchased for $15. 00.

Not to be confused with Rhyno’s Home business Magazine, Home business Magazine, an online network marketing forum, is another place to find marketing tips. Online versions of the magazine are free and marketers can access previous issues from the website. Print versions of the magazine are $15. 00 and it is also available for shipping to other countries for an additional charge. Topics covered here include: Home business; Home office; HBM Community; Biz Startup; Marketing; Money; and Management. There is also a classifieds section, news and reviews, and mailing lists.

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