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Golf requires many kinds of shots — drives, long approach shots, short approach shots, pitches, chips, sand shots, putts and a variety of so-called trouble shots. To play all these shots you can choose, per the rules of golf, up to 14 clubs to have in your bag. Of those 14 clubs which are the most important?

By far the most frequent shot is a putt. For an average golfer, the putter is used more than twice as much as any other club. If a golfer shoots a score of 100, 35%- 40% of those strokes will be putts. So based on shear numbers, the putter is the most important club Vclubshop . It certainly is the one club that can make up for bad shots very quickly.

For better golfers, the driver is used the next most often–a possible 14 times from the tee, or roughly 12-20% of the time depending on ability level. That first shot from the tee sets the tone for the hole, so that makes it a very important club. A good drive makes the rest of the shots on that hole easier. A bad drive means …well trouble. Making sure you have a driver that you have confidence in is critical to good golf.

Having a back-up to your driver is also very important. For those holes where length is not critical, having a club that you know will put you in the fairway is just smart golf. This could be a three wood, a five wood, a hybrid or a 5 iron. It’s more important to know you have a club in your hand that will find the Vclubshop fairway.

For beginners, who have a hard time hitting the green in a regulation number of strokes, the wedges may be the second most used category of clubs. On a good day a beginner may hit 1-4 greens so they spend a lot of strokes around the green (15-20). Practicing with a wedge from 25 yards and in will take strokes off a beginners score very quickly. In fact, at any level having confidence in your wedges makes golf a lot easier.

The remaining strokes in a round are spread among the rest of the set. It is likely that no one club will be used more than a few times. So in terms of frequency of use the putter, driver and wedges are clearly used the most frequently with the rest of the clubs bringing up the rear.

On the other hand, the importance of a club has a lot to do with it’s effect on our games. A club that has the potential to cause problems (strokes) must be given added weight. The more difficult a club is to hit the more likely that it may Vclubshop cause disaster. The driver, the long irons, and fairway woods are the most likely culprits to cause that errant shot that never is heard from again. Good bye ball.

It’s no coincidence that these problem clubs are also the longest clubs in the set. We can all agree that the longer the club, the harder to hit. As our abilities improve we can begin to take advantage of what the longer clubs offer (distance) but to help our games now, finding forgiving versions of these clubs is a priority. Thankfully, we have many new possibilities with higher lofted drivers, fairway woods and the new hybrid clubs.

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